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이미지를 자르는 법.

  1. 크롭할 이미지를 업로드하거나 드롭다운 화살표를 클릭하고 Dropbox/Google 드라이브를 선택합니다.
  2. 그에 따라 이미지를 자릅니다.
  3. 아래로 스크롤하여 이미지 파일의 변경 사항을 한 눈에 볼 수 있습니다.
  4. 변경한 내용을 저장합니다.
  5. 다운로드 옵션을 눌러 이미지 파일을 다운로드합니다.
  6. 만세!!이미지를 사용할 준비가 되었습니다.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is it safe to allow access to my drive?

    Yes, it is absolutely safe to allow and give us access to your drive. We won't be making any changes to your site and your dfiles will be safe with you.

  • How can I upload files from my drive/dropbox?

    Click on the drop down arrow and select Dropbox/Google Drive. Select the Google account from where you want to link your drive. Now you can select the files that you want to upload.

  • What are the features offered by the crop image from while, cropping an image?

    The crop image feature from offers versatile features while cropping an image, the user can upload any format of image and that will be cropped with the help of our cropping feature. This cropping feature allows the user to cut off the unwanted portion from the image uploaded. The user can adjust the cutting sections on the image by shifting the cropper box which operates from 8 directions.

  • How do we crop an image using the cropping feature from

    There are 4 basic steps using which the user can crop an image they include- - Upload the image in the space provided and hit upload to begin the cropping. - Select the crop box and move it using the pins on the image, this adjusts the box on the image. This means that the image is only saved or cropped on which the box is placed. - Next, hit the file button below, this saves the changes made to the image. - Finally, hit the download button to download the updated image.

  • Which are the supported formats for image cropping offered by

    Currently, offers image cropping features for all the formats out there, but the user can take the advantage of this feature from the following formats of the images: - Png - Jpeg - Jpg - Meme - Xmap, etc.

  • Can we crop 4k images and 8k images using the image cropping feature from

    Yes, the image cropping feature from offers 4k and 8k image conversion. The 4k image cropping feature works perfectly fine, however, 8k image cropping will slightly delay comparing to 1080p and 4k images because the 8k image processing by the does take a bit of time.

  • What is the time taken by the converter to crop an image file?

    Time is the exciting factor present here, where we upload the file and see the magic happens, the cropping conversion happens in an instant where we can crop various types of image files. The only time-taking factor and all it takes is a normal internet connection.

  • Can I use image cropper from to convert my audio or video files?

    Image cropper from only offers image cropping features. Currently, image cropper does not offer video or audio file conversion but future upgrades to the website will bring you all the exciting features.

  • Can we edit or create GIFs using the cropping option from

    GIFs are moving pictures with text insertion feature; GIFs are very short clips or bits of images which require other editing options. GIFs that are uploaded can be cropped using However, some minor updates in the future will bring the fun of editing GIFs to the website.

  • Can we crop 1080p and 720p pictures using image cropper from

    Yes, image cropper from offers 1080p and 720p resolution editing features from the outside they allow us to modify the cropping of the picture thereby decreasing its size.

  • Which image format is preferable among webp and jpg formats?

    A well-optimized jpg is similar to or better than webp. However, webp is a new image format and it is not supported by all browsers. The typical difference between both of them is at the quality which is a 15%-25% difference in the size.

  • Will my image quality decrease after downloading them from the image cropper from

    No, the quality of the image won’t decrease after downloading them from image cropper from The images won’t lose their quality and will be shifted with the same quality after cropping the image.

  • What will happen to our progress if we refresh our browser while we are using the image cropper from

    The image cropper from is not connected to any server out there, so the data which the user is working on will not be stored anywhere and as a result, it will be erased instantly when the user refreshes the browser which he is working on. The image files which are worked on will also be removed after the user exits or closes the tab on which the extension page of the website is open.

  • Can I use the image cropper feature from on my LINUX operating system?

    Yes, the image cropper feature from can be used on any operating system, even LINUX. It is built with the latest code and features which enables the user to use the image cropper on any operating system such as MAC OS, Windows, and Ubuntu, provided there is a device with a stable internet connection. The magic trick is that it even works on a slower internet connection.

  • Can I use the image cropper feature from on an iOS device?

    Yes, the image cropper feature from can be used on iOS devices and even on android devices. It is built with the latest features which provide the user to use this extension file on any operating system, all it needs an internet connection and a good web browser.

  • How can I save the changes made to the image file using the image cropper from

    First, upload an image file that requires a change, then use the image cropper option to crop the image file one by one. Then use the save option which is given at the bottom of the website, this saves the changes made to the image files and then downloads the image file which is modified.

  • Will my file be saved after I complete working on the image cropper tool?

    No, we do not send any of your files to our servers all the operations are done on the browser itself therefore all your files are completely safe.

  • Do I have to do any additional signup or pay extra to use the image cropper tool?

    Absolutely not, our tool is completely online and does not require you to share any of your personal information with us, like email id, passwords etc. Our tool is completely free of cost.

  • How do I communicate if I face any issues or if I want to suggest any changes?

    We gladly take in any issue or suggestions offered by all the users, please contact us through our social media handles for more information. is available on all the leading social media websites such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and LinkedIn, etc.

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