Google Photos is basically a cloud-based service for uploading and backing up all of your pictures stored on your iPhone. But what if you want to get your pictures off of Google Photos? No need to worry — it’s just as easy to download photos as it is to upload them.

Before you download photos from your iPhone

Always keep in mind that downloading large selections of pictures can quickly consume all of the valuable space on your iPhone. To get safeguard from this, you should get rid of the clutter in your photo library to help save storage space. All you need to do is to download the Gemini Photos app to help you to vanish unwanted photos such as duplicates, similar-looking pics, and blurry images. After you download Gemini Photos, which is easily available on the App Store, here’s the next further step to follow:

1. Open Gemini Photos.

2. Choose one of the categories, for instance, Similar.

3. Select a date or event.

4. Select the photo version you want to delete and tap Move [x] to Trash.

5. Tap Empty Trash after removing all of your similar-looking pictures.

After going through all the similar photos, tap the library on the top left corner and choose another category like Duplicates, Notes, or Screenshots.

When you’re done cleaning up with Gemini Photos, it becomes important to keep track of those pictures that are still consuming the space of your iPhone. Along with this, you can permanently delete the files by navigating to Albums > Recently Deleted > Select > Delete All.

Steps to download all photos from Google Photos

After using Google Photos for a while, you generate a desire to download all those pictures. Whatever your motivation or purpose behind the task, we’ve tried to answer some of the most commonly asked questions below.

Can you download all Google photos to your iPhone?

If you have been searching for and also want to know how to download all your photos from Google photos to a phone, here we are to help you out. The trending but shocking news is that it can’t be done with an iPhone alone.

Google allows you to download each and everything using a desktop system. Once you have all of your photos on the system, you’ll be able to sync them with your iPhone by the medium of iCloud, Finder, iTunes, or AirDrop.

How to download data from Google Photos to your Mac device?

If you’re using a Mac device, here are the steps to download all your Google Photos:

1. Open your browser and visit

2. Sign in to the account.

3. Click on the first picture.

4. Select all.

5. Scroll down to your last picture and right-click on it.

6. Click on the three dots and choose the download option.

How to save all images and videos to your Windows computer?

It’s an easy process to download all of your Google Photos to a Windows computer. Just follow these steps to accomplish the task:

1. Open the browser, and go to

2. Select All.

3. Scroll down to Google Photos and check the boxes available.

4. Now click Next Step and hit Create Export.

Once you are done with the task, Google will transmit an email to you. Click on the link mentioned in the respective email to download all of your pictures.

How to download photos and videos from Google Photos?

It’s an easy process to download individual pictures from Google Photos. Here, we have clearly mentioned how to add pictures to your Camera Roll on your iPhone, a cloud drive like Google Drive, or your computer’s hard drive.

How to save photos from Google Photos to your iPhone Camera Roll

On your iPhone device, open the Google Photos app and follow these steps:

1. Select the picture you desire to download.

2. Tap the ellipses and hit the download button.

To help reduce the risk of downloading duplicate images, Google Photos will only reflect the Download button if a picture isn’t already in your Camera Roll. So if you don’t get the download option here, it means that the image is already on your phone.

How to download pictures from Google Photos to Files, Google Drive, or iCloud Drive?

The task of saving pictures to a file-based app like Files, Google Drive, or iCloud Drive is no more difficult now than that of saving them to your Camera Roll. Here’s how you can perform the task in Google Photos:

1. Open the image you want to save.

2. Tap the Share.

3. Select Share to… (medium)

4. Now tap Save to Files.

Depending on the location where you want to save the photo, you have to pick a folder or location within the shared drive.

How to download your photos to a Windows PC?

If you’re using a Windows computer, here’s how you download your images from Google Photos:

1. Visit in your browser.

2. Click the checkmark in the top left to select the respective images.

3. Now click on the three dots and punch the Download button.

Whenever there is a requirement to transfer photos from iPhone to iPhone or to keep your entire photo library backed up, Google Photos is an easy and effective tool to go with.