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    Resize svg files for clear display across devices

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    Flexible Uploading Option

    Flexible Uploading Option

    Upload your SVG files with ease. Resize SVG images by uploading them directly from your device, and selecting files from Google Drive or Dropbox. Choose the option that suits you best and is convenient.

    Maintains Aspect Ratio

    Maintains Aspect Ratio

    You have the option to choose both the height and width according to your preferences while maintaining the original aspect ratio of the SVG image for better visibility across different devices. If you do not preserve the aspect ratio, this might lead to distortion of the image.

    Download Option

    Download Option

    Once you've adjusted the aspect ratio of the SVG image to your preference, just click on the download option to save it on your device. You can then use it for various purposes such as graphic design, digital printing, or creating interactive visual user experiences.

    100% Safe Platform

    100% Safe Platform

    Our SVG resize feature on our platform prioritizes safety and security. No data is transmitted to our servers; all operations are performed within the browser itself. Feel assured as you efficiently resize your SVG files.

    Instant Results at Zero Cost

    Instant Results at Zero Cost

    Get high-quality vector image resizing instantly at no cost. Save time and effort with high-resolution images suitable for printing or graphic use. Enjoy unlimited resizing of SVG files, ensuring both quality and quantity.

    No Compatibility Issues

    No Compatibility Issues

    You can access our tool at any time and from anywhere with a stable internet connection and it has no compatibility issues. Whether you're using a desktop computer, a tablet, or a smartphone, you can easily resize SVG images with ease.

    how to image

    How to Resize SVG online for free.

    1 . Upload the image from your device or select from Google Drive or Dropbox.
    2 . Choose the desired width and height according to your preferences.
    3 . Review the image, and if you're satisfied, download the file.
    4 . Hurray!!! The resized SVG is ready to rock.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How do I communicate if I face any issues or if I want to give any suggestions?

    If you face any issues or if you want to give any suggestions, you can email us at care@safeimagekit.

    Do I have to do any additional signup or pay extra to use the Resize SVG online tool?

    Absolutely not; our tool is completely online and does not require you to share any of your personal information with us, like email id, passwords, etc. Our tool is completely free of cost.

    Will my file be saved after I complete working on the Resize SVG online tool?

    No, we do not send any of your files to our servers. All the operations are done on the browser itself; therefore, all your files are completely safe.

    Will my uploaded image files corrupt after resizing them using the exquisite options present in the Resize SVG online?

    No, the Resize SVG online feature from is built with all the latest programs and security features which does not allow the uploaded image files to be corrupt. So, the uploaded image files are completely safe and secure. Also, is a server-free website, due to which no image files are stored here and are wiped from memory as soon as the webpage is closed.

    Can I use the Resize SVG online feature on my Apple iPhone 11?

    Yes, Resize SVG online feature from is a cross-platform-based feature where the user can use this resize tool from operating systems such as Android, iOS, Windows, and Mac OS. It is independent of the operating systems used but only depends on the internet connection and the size of the image files which are uploaded to be resized into others.

    Can we resize 4k and 8k images using the Resize SVG online?

    No, currently, the resize feature only offers to Resize SVG online features up to 1080p at its best. However, 4k image resize options do exist in, but 8k image processing is not available and will be included in the coming future as an update to the website.

    Can I use the Resize SVG online feature on my LINUX operating system?

    Yes, the Resize SVG online feature can be used on any operating system, even LINUX. It is built with the latest code and features, which enables the user to resize any image uploaded by the user on any operating system, such as MAC OS, Windows, and Ubuntu, provided there is a device with a stable internet connection. The magic trick is that it even works on a slower internet connection.

    How does the quality adjustment option of the Resize SVG online feature?

    The quality adjustment option of the Resize SVG online feature from lets the user decide the overall quality of the image. The tool will automatically adjust the quality according to the height and width chosen by the user.

    What are the image adjusting features while resizing an image?

    The Resize SVG online feature provides many features while resizing an image. It lets the user adjust the dimensions of the image by adjusting the measurements, such as width and height. The max height and the max width provide the user with a maximum limit of photo resize. While the min-width and min-height provide the user with a minimum limit of the photo resize. The resize option lets the user resize on the whole.

    What are the parameters provided by the Resize SVG online feature after we upload an image?

    The Resize SVG feature from provides various parameters after we upload an image. They are width and height adjustments, preview, and download options.

    How can I upload SVG from my drive/dropbox?

    Click on the drop-down arrow and select Dropbox/Google Drive. Select the Google account from where you want to link your drive. Now you can select the SVG that you want to upload.

    Is it safe to allow access to my drive?

    Yes, it is absolutely safe to allow and give us access to your drive. We won't be making any changes to your site, and your SVG will be safe with you.

    Is it possible to resize SVG files without losing quality?

    Yes, you can resize SVG files, whether enlarged or reduced, without losing the quality for better visual display.

    Is there any size limit for SVG images?

    No, there are no size limits for the SVG images.

    What is SVG and why is it used?

    SVG is a scalable vector graphic file format used widely. It is used for web graphics, web design, animation, printing, and many more to create visually appealing scalable graphics.

    Are SVG files lossy or lossless?

    SVG files are lossless, ensuring that the original quality is always maintained during resizing.

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