Optimizing images by using an online platform is a mandatory step if you desire to offer your visitors the best possible user experience.

Whether you have an e-commerce website, you’re a blogger, a content, or a marketer looking to enhance social media posts with quality pictures; you need to pay attention to the size and dimensions of your images.

The optimized picture can help you improvise the performance of your website or blog. Uploading a lot of big file sizes will directly affect the page loading speed and will implicitly push visitors away. Moreover, small-sized images are much easier to upload on email attachments or other platforms and also consume less storage space.

In this article, we’ve created a list of free tools which you can use to reduce the size of your images without having to install any software.

Resize image online for free

Resizing photos has been made easy by us.

High Quality

Safeimagekit image resizer tool resizes the images by retaining their perfect quality.

Data Security

None of your data is sent on Safeimagekit Resize image servers. All the operations are done on the browser itself. This enables us to be 100% safe for our users.


Safeimagekit Resize image resizer tool works on almost all kinds of devices and browsers as well.

Resize Image Online with Free Image & Photo Optimizer

This image resizer tool permits its users to give the perfect size to digital images. Created by Shopify, Free Image & Photo Optimizer allows you to add your images with a maximum limit of 6 by dragging them to the tool’s interface or uploading them from your device. After the process, one can change the dimensions accordingly. Dimensional options include Compact (10241024 pixels), Medium (20482048 pixels), and Large (4472*4472 pixels).

This tool has simple procedures to use. There is no complexity, and one can quickly resize the images in different dimensions. One can resize the image for a social media update, a newsletter, or a product image for an ecommerce store; simple and fast image resizing makes things convenient and easy.

Resize Multiple Images with Online Image Resize

This simple image resizer tool is easy to operate when you find any online image resizers confusing or difficult to use. The process says to choose the photos; mark the dimensions according to your requirement. The minimum pixels are 16, and the maximum is 1024 pixels.

Online Image Resize will automatically transform the pictures as specified. Then you can modify the files with various options like cropping, rotating, mirroring, or resizing more. Once it’s done, download them individually or all together in a ZIP file.

Resize Images for Social Media with Social Image Resizer Tool

Social Image Resizer Tool is an amazing tool for all social media image requirements. After uploading the image or images.

Options are highlighted like:

• Facebook Cover Photos

• Cover and profile photos for all social media channels.

• Pinterest and Instagram thumbnails

• YouTube channel image and custom video thumbnails, and more.

You can opt from them and set the width of the picture, and the rest of the tool is going to process the work.

Note to Remember: The maximum file size is 2 MB. The original photo should be larger to shrink them under 2 MB, and then Social Image Resizer makes it the right size for social media.


PhotoSize.net is a simple, efficient, and effective browser-based tool for resizing pictures. The tool is easy to operate because it’s structured as a three-step wizard: add your files, apply the resize and select your saving options.

The resize filter gives you multiple options to shrink the size of your photos. You can choose various presets that include SVGA, HD, or Full HD quality, or you can type in the desired values for width and/or height. The tool reflects the values in pixels or percentages.

PhotoSize.net also allows you to crop or rotate the image. The general appearance of your photos can also be appeared by automatically adjusting the contrast, by changing the brightness and saturation.

Shrink Pictures

Shrink Pictures is a simple and easy-to-use online tool to resize images. You need to upload the picture from the device, select the new dimensions in pixels or percentages and choose the required picture quality. You can upload JPG, GIF, or PNG images of up to 6 MB.

With Shrink Pictures, some special effects like grayscale and sepia can also be made and can also turn a photo into an avatar. Creating an avatar is pretty simple: you upload the desired picture, set the size, and just click the Resize button.