OCR (Optical Character Recognition) is an enlightened software technique that allows a computer to extract text from images. Previously, OCR software was pretty rough and irresponsible. Now, it’s often the fastest way of converting text into an image which you can further edit with a word processor.

These listed applications offer different tasks of OCR without a price tag across multiple platforms. If you seek a technique to convert pictures into words or text, you’ll probably find the best way out.

Safeimagekit Text to image converter

Safeimagekit Text to image converter tool has been developed by the Safeimagekit.

Some of the USP of the tool are:

  • Safeimagekit text to image conversion tool converts any text into an image by retaining its quality at every point in time.
  • ·None of your data is sent on Safeimagekit servers. All the operations are done on the browser itself, no matter whichever browser you are using. This enables us to be 100% safe for Safeimagekit users.
  • Safeimagekit text to image conversion tool works on almost all kinds of browsers and devices.
  • Safeimagekit text to image conversion tool is very easy to understand with no professional or expertise needed to work on the Safeimagekit tool.
  • Safeimagekit text to image conversion tool is completely available free of cost; you can use all Safeimagekit tools without paying a single cost or penny.

FreeOCR (Windows 10)

FreeOCR is free OCR software that inherits all the core functionality you require. It is a Windows-only OCR application that assures accuracy of 99.0%. It supports all image formats and Photoshop files.

Free OCR uses an Open Source engine developed by Hewlett Packard and eventually released by Google to make it worldwide. It maintains your file’s original formatting and ports the recognized text into an editable MS Word file. This means you do not need to spend much time drawing rectangles around discrete blocks of text.

Microsoft OneNote

Microsoft OneNote is chiefly a note keeper that can also perform like an OCR. Being a fact, it has advanced OCR functionality, which supports both pictures and handwritten notes.

It offers a simple and easy method for Optical Character Recognition with slight boundations that it does not support tables and columns.

All you need to do is drag a scan or a saved picture into OneNote. After that, right-click on the image and select the ‘Copy Text From Picture’ option. Afterwards, the copied text goes into the clipboard, and you can now paste it back into OneNote or any program like Word or Notepad for further editing.

SimpleOCR (Windows 10)

SimpleOCR, some may call it a bit outdated version, but in real life, it is a very basic and simple method to use. This OCR package can convert typed documents into text directly from your scanner. It provides a 14-day free trial for handwriting recognition and public machine print recognition.

Photo Scan (Windows 10)

Photo Scan is also a free Windows 10 OCR application that is easy to download from the Microsoft Store. It is grafted by Define Studios, and the application carries various ads.

The application is, basically, an OCR scanner and a QR code reader materialized into one. The text is instantly recognized and presented in an adjacent window. In addition, the highlight of the application is its unique text-to-speech feature.

Microsoft Office Document Imaging (MODI)

Microsoft Office Document Imaging, MODI, comes with an OCR that can convert your printed text into an image that can be editable and searchable Word files. Being unreliable about handwritten texts, the results are mostly inaccurate.

Easy Screen OCR for all devices including Windows, Mac, iOS & Android

Easy Screen OCR is OCR software that depends on a cloud-based, Google-powered recognition engine. It is not completely free as it requires a subscription fee after 20 usages. But it is worth mentioning in this list because it is fast and convenient to use. Now since it is cloud-based and Google-powered, it says that you need to have an active internet connection for the software to work properly.

(A9t9) Free OCR Software (Windows 10)

(A9t9) Free OCR Software is an application of the Universal Windows Platform. The A9t9 application is a free and Open Source application, and no strings are further attached.

Boxoft Free OCR

Boxoft Free OCR is a multilingual online tool used for text withdrawal from any image type. It can scan, analyze and process all your paper file documents in a very short time with an undeniably high degree of accuracy.

Capture2Text (Windows 10)

Capture2Text is free-of-cost OCR software for Windows 10 that permits you to have keyboard shortcuts to quickly OCR anything present on the screen. It does not require any type of installation, being a portable application. It is a limited but very useful functionality. It mainly uses Google’s OCR engine and supports 100+ languages.