ASCII, as an enthrall character-encoding system, allows codes to characterize text internally, equipment used in communication, and other gadgets that utilize text. Although, the next generation may take it as old-fashioned. Individuals familiar with its concept understand the uniqueness of ASCII. Below we compiled for you 5 remarkable ASCII art creators who are moneyless to use.

Safeimagekit - ASCII Image Generator tool

At the time of converting an image to ASCII art, the image to ASCII art generator application from gives a variety of options. Simply, converting an image to ASCII art, downloading ASCII art, and so on are the key functionalities.

Safeimagekit program translates images to ASCII format while maintaining their quality. Not even a single information is transferred to Safeimagekit servers, and all actions are completed within the browser. As a result, Safeimagekit can ensure that users are completely safe.

This tool is wholly browser-based, so there’s no need to install any other software on your device. Moreover, the utility is compatible with practically all browsers and devices.

How to convert our image into ASCII art with Safeimagekit tool?

Step 1: You can either upload the image or Select Dropbox/Google Drive from the drop-down menu.

Step 2: To change the image to ASCII art, select the Convert button.

Step 3: To save the ASCII art, select the Download option.

Many tools

Many tools offer an online tool to convert images into Ascii Art. This tool allows you to upload an image and convert it into an Ascii art. The maximum upload size of the image must be less than 0.5 MB. You can select the width of output and other options per your accordance.

ASCII Art Studio

ASCII Art Studio is an ASCII art generator software for Windows. The platform does not ask for money to convert. Using this software, you can generate ASCII art from scratch using various available tools.

To make ASCII art from scratch, this software provides a long list of features like freehand, brush, line, curve, rectangle, ellipse, etc. Only in the brush tool do you get the option to choose any text to make the art. Except for this, you get a predefined set of texts to make the ASCII art. You can further save your art in GIF file format.

For the convergence of an image into ASCII art, firstly, go to File and select a picture to the ASCII art option. Now, please browse an image and set its width size, and click OK to view the ASCII art on the interface. After that, edit the art with the help of several art-making products or software or save the art in PDF or GIF file formats.

The only drawback of this software is you can draw or convert an image into black & white ASCII art only.


JavE is ASCII editor software specially designed for Windows. In this software, you can create freestyle ASCII art just with the mouse and can convert an image into the ASCII art. It is just like a Paint program, where you get a lot of tools to create and edit art.

To draw up the ASCII art, you can use several tools like freehand generic, freehand algorithm, and brush. Both generic freehand algorithms act as a pencil tool. Through the brush tool, you can draw up to sixteen different texts in a single attempt. Besides main freehand drawing tools, some other handy tools like clone tool, freehand selection, rectangle generic, ellipse generic, etc., also exist. If at some point of time, you further want to modify the freehand art, then use menus like modify, view, and edit. These menus contain various tools that you might need to modify or enhance ASCII art.

To convert an image to ASCII art, this software provides a reliable tool named image to ASCII converter that you can access from the tools menu. To change the density of text in the art, you can merely saw the various parameters, including highlights, shadows, gamma, and sharpen. All changes in ASCII art can be really viewed in a real-time scenario. Batch conversion and art resizing tools can also be found in this section.

Alternates ASCII Artist

Alternate ASCII Artist is open source ASCII art generator software for Windows. Using this tool, you can convert any picture into an ASCII art. It can help to generate both colored and black & white ASCII art. In both the black and white ASCII art, this freeware uses limited alphabets and special characters such as #, R, P, $, +, and more. However, the colored image only uses several shades of multiplication signs () to generate the colored image. It can work on images of various file formats like PNG, JPEG, BMP, GIF, etc.

You can also get some filter presets along with a filter slider to vary the intensity of texts used in the ASCII art. However, the use of lower intensity cutoff filters makes output art better, as art would contain fewer texts than other filter configurations.

To vary art size, you can enter manual pixel width and height values or enter height and width values in percentage. Once done, press the Plain text convert button to get the black & white art or press the HTML convert button to get colored art. As the name suggests, a Plain text converter gives an output file of TXT format, while an HTML converter provides a file of HTML format.