Animated GIF images are visible all around. You’ll find them in all categories like texts, instant messages, and emails and also on social media channels and websites. They’re so popular that many mobile device keyboards have a property to search for GIF images.

One disadvantage to GIFs is that the file size can get large. To help you reduce the size of the GIF images, you find to round up some of the best GIF compressor and optimizer tools. Online tools, Android apps, and desktop programs—our list invokes some of them all.

What Happens When a GIF Is Compressed or Optimized?

To compress an image, some detail must have vanished from it. Compression programs and services find the details that matter the least and shift them to achieve a smaller file.

It’s tough to know exactly what methods a particular GIF compressor or optimizer tool is utilizing. You probably don’t need to be much concerned about the details. Most likely, you’re just trying to shrink the size of a GIF file so you can save space on your device or meet a website or app’s file size limits without even shrinking the quality of your GIF.

So, here are some of the Best Online GIF Compressors Tools:

Safeimagekit gif file compressor tool

Safeimagekit offers one of the best GIF compression tools; all you need to do is to start uploading the content.

Some of the major USPs of the safeimagekit gif file compressor tool are:

High Quality

Safeimagekit GIF compression tool helps to compress the images by simply retaining their standard and quality.

Data Security

None of your data or image is sent on Safeimagekit servers; all the operations are done on the browser itself. This helps us to be 100% safe for users.


Safeimagekit GIF compression tool works on almost all kinds of devices, browsers, and Operating systems.

No additional download

Our GIF compression tool is completely browser-based and does not require additional software is required to be downloaded on your smartphone/PC or tablet.

EZGIF provides many ways to compress GIFs. You can decrease the number of colors in the file or drop duplicate frames. Apart from that, you can select Lossy GIF Compression or optimize transparency.

Our original GIF carries a size of 5.41MB. After optimization, it gets 3.71MB, a reduction of 31.5%.

After uploading a GIF to Picasion, the dimensions of the new image need to be specified, and choose a quality setting. There are options to add sepia, grayscale, negative effects, and rotation of the image as well. It supports a GIF 600px wide and 5.41MB.

When we selected quality measures, the resulting file would be 5.86MB, a slightly bigger than the original file. When we selected Poor quality, the file would be 5.86MB again. It was only when we reduced the size to around 350px wide that the file size was reduced to 2.10MB. That’s a reduction of 39%, but the decreased quality was very measurable.

This tool doesn’t appear to place a ceiling on file sizes for uploads. The website says that all images will be compressed with the best quality and file size ratio. But this tool does limit the ways it can achieve a smaller file size.

The 5.41MB GIF is reduced by 30% into a 3.80MB file. This is a good result; we did notice the lack of configuration options.


This is an easy-to-use image optimizer tool that compresses JPEG, GIF, and PNG formats. If you prefer Optimizilla, you can upload up to 20 images at a time. This software adds each image to the queue and compresses it automatically through lossy optimization.

The tool visualizes all the compressed images in a slider and highlights their status during the optimization process. You can track by what percentage every image was compressed.

If you’re not satisfied with the default compression outcomes, you can click on any image in the slider, then scroll down to preview and modify its quality manually. Once you are done, you can either download all the images in bulk or one at a time.


PunyPNG is a free website optimization tool that reduces the file size of your images without any quality compromises. Initially, it analyzes the content of your image and figures out the best web optimization technique and format to use. It supports formats like PNG, JPEG, and GIF.


If you’ve got images in multiple formats to optimize, you’ll find ImageRecycle to be safe. Not just PNG or JPEG, this tool supports GIFs and PDFs too. You can drag and drop your pictures/images onto the website and download the optimized images with a click.

ImageRecycle gives you a free report about your website with details of images that need optimization. All you can do is type in your website’s URL to obtain this report.

To access some of the major features like URL or Page Optimizer, you’ll have to opt for their one-time payment plans. You can take your pick from different plans points at $10 (10,000 images), $20 (30,000 images), and $50 (100,000 images).