So, what’s the perfect size for the Squarespace image?

Well, there are different responses to this, according to where the picture goes! Let’s look at a couple of examples, and why it’s important to get the images in the perfect size for your project.

Squarespace is a great choice because the learning curve is far from being as steep as with other web-building platforms.

As a self web developer who spends half of his life in this. I have a list of tips and best practices that allow me to create your site in the blink of an eye!

If you are quite new to the site builder Squarespace, don’t worry. I’m going to first review how to use Squarespace, then get on my tips to build your site with it quickly!

-Squarespace image size guide

Since Squarespace is a responsive platform, the size of a picture may not matter.

But this is not completely true.

Since Squarespace is a responsive platform, the size of a picture may not matter.  But this is not completely true.

The size of the image, as well as other important factors, plays a role in whether the photo or graphic resembles and functions as it should.

Picture file types for Squarespace.

As with any content management system, Squarespace has its own specific sizes for different locations where you can put pictures on your blog.

So, how big is the Squarespace image?

Well, there are different answers to this, according to where the photo goes! Let’s look at a few examples, and why it’s important to get the images in the right size for your project.

Why the size of the picture is important.

Since Squarespace is a responsive platform, it may not matter how big an image is. But that’s not quite true. The size of the image and other important factors play a role in the fact that the photo or graphic looks and works properly. Here are some factors that influence how images are displayed on a website:

Specifying the picture file.

Pictures must be in some file types to be uploaded to the site. The two most frequent are JPG and PNG.

Image width

Narrow-width images may work well on a mobile screen, but seem distorted on a PC screen no matter how hard Squarespace tries to optimize them.

Image shape

More commonly known as aspect ratio, the height-to-size ratio plays a big role in how an image appears on the screen.

You can be familiar with the use of ratios for things like making Pinterest pines, which are optimal in the 2:3 ratio, or Instagram image sizes, which are often 1:1 (square).

Maximum dimensions of Squarespace image files.

Maximum Squarespace image file sizes

Squarespace has a 20 MB file size restriction, but ideally, upload $500,000 or less to help your site load faster for your visitors.

Max Squarespace image resolution.

Image attribute


File size

20 MB limit


Only use letters, numbers, underscores, and hyphens.

Image width

2500 pixels width is ideal in most cases.


120 MP (megapixel) limit

Default Squarespace image sizes

Default Squarespace image sizes

  • 100 pixels.
  • 300 pixels.
  • 500 pixels.
  • 750 pixels.
  • 1000 pixels.
  • 1500 pixels.
  • 2500 pixels.

Default Squarespace image sizes  100 pixels.  300 pixels.  500 pixels.  750 pixels.  1000 pixels.  1500 pixels.  2500 pixels.

Squarespace banner image size

For banner images, do the following: Use images from 1500 pixels to 2500 pixels wide. Make sure that images are wider than large.

Squarespace background image size

For background images, the optimal size is 1920 pixels in width x 1080 pixels in height. This ideal 16:9 ratio will fill the web page space without compromising image quality. For pixels per inch (PPI), the image must be 72 or greater.

Squarespace thumbnail image size

The thumbnails are used for individual collections. This may include blog posts and products, as well as events. Though they look small, the recommended image size for a thumbnail is between 1500 and 2500 pixels in length.

Gallery pictures are not very different from normal pictures. You can make them no more than 1500 pixels wide and keep the file size below 500 KB.

Squarespace logo size

1280 pixel max LOGO width. Just like the computer. Max height 300 pixels.

Squarespace favicon size

While the ideal preferred dimensions are 16px x 16px. The square space recommendation is to use an image size between 100px x 100px and 300px x 300px.

Moreover, the favicon file must be a.ico or. png and size may not exceed 100KB.

Tips and Tricks

Before delving into the various tips and tricks for multiple types of images. Let’s take a minute to look at Squarespace’s requirements and best practices.

This will help you understand what to use and how to use it.

Picture file types for Squarespace.

Use. jpg, gif and .png. You may not use it. PSD and. Doc files because they are not compatible. Also, if someone visits your website via Internet Explorer, they cannot view favorites. The small picture that appears next to the name of your website on the navigation bar) that are .png. It is, therefore, preferable to save your own as .jpg.

See this section for more information on picture file types.

Max size of Squarespace image files.

The data size, including the size of the image file, is measured in octets. A million bytes is equivalent to a megabit (MB). Squarespace has a 20 MB file size limit, but ideally, download $500,000 or less to help your site load faster for your viewers.

Image filenames that work in Squarespace.

Use only letters, figures, underlined lines, and hyphens. No accented letters, question marks, percentage signs, or other special characters, as these might preclude downloading.

Maximal square space image resolution.

The image is limited to 6 MP resolution. Looks like six megapixels.

What is a megapixel? A megapixel is a million pixels.

To figure out how your image size relates to this, multiply the pixel dimensions of width and height and divide by 1 million. For instance, 2000 px x 3000 px comes out at 6MP, so you should keep your images no bigger than that.

Color mode for square space images.

Utilize RGB (blue-green red) only. Do not use CMYK because it is best used for printed materials. CMJN does not appear properly on a computer or mobile screen.


I also enjoy keeping all my fonts and color codes in a note on my computer. That’s why I use the Mac Notes app.

When I keep every color code and font in a note, all of them are easily accessible, and I don’t need to search by style editor for them repeatedly. I can just go to my note app, find the exact blue color of my brand, copy the code and paste it into Squarespace.

The same holds true if I create anything for my website on Adobe Illustrator. I can just check out my Mac Notes application for font types instead of having to open my Squarespace website and style editor every time.

The hardest thing is to begin.

I’ve heard stories of people who have spent months or years, yes years, deciding what platform, what model, and how to start.

I’m here to kick a never-so-nice kick in the buns and tell you there’s no right way; just start already!

Good entrepreneurs are people who start before they’re ready.

Then we’re on our way!


The last thing to say with the images is how to specify the image name and the ALT text. These are good practices to do things properly for several reasons. Picture names are file names that you upload. Use a keyword relative to the job, so they are easy to find. And may show up on Google Image Search.

Alt-text is meant for people who use screen readers to understand your picture, so describe it clearly and succinctly. One of the benefits of using a platform like Square Space. is that while there is work to optimize the size of the images, it manages a lot for you.

Because it maximizes display by device, it takes a lot of stress out of work. Thus, once you have some basic size models configured, you are ready to go. You can easily make your pictures the suitable sizes for Squarespace pages and messages, and know that they will work perfectly!


How about using Squarespace?

The Bad. Limited browsing options: Squarespace is a powerful website creator for simple websites. However, there are limited navigation options. At the same time, you can customize your primary menu. Square space does not support complex menus that more significant sites may require. Navigation is limited in two ways.

What does square space mean, and how does it work?

What does square space mean? Squarespace is a means of building Web sites. For a yearly or monthly subscription, we offer a set of tools. You can use it to create your own website; no coding or web development experience is required.

WordPress is faster than Squarespace?

While WordPress is known for its powerful SEO capabilities, Squarespace claims to have more built-in functionality. Installing SEO plugins on WordPress allows you to use powerful tools such as Yoast. But Square Space is the best choice if you’re looking for built-in features and a lot less work.

How hard is Squarespace?

Although Squarespace is user-friendly (see our Squarespace tutorial), it’s still not the most intuitive tool. The UI is minimalist, which is nice, but its user-friendliness could be improved.