Wechat image size guide


Dimension (inch)

Dimension (px)

Profile Photo

2.08 x 2.08 inches

199.68 x 199.68 p x.

Article Preview Header

9.38 x 5.21 in

900.48 x 500.16 px

Article Preview Thumbnail

4.17 x 4.17 in

400.32 x 400.32 px

Article Picture in line.

Nanox 0.00 in

NaN x 0.00 px

Wechat profile photo/image size.

If you are using an Android phone, such as Samsung, HTC, LG, Motorola, Lenovo, Xiaomi, Huawei, or Nexus, you may check out this guide for zip files on Android phones.

Afterward, you can share compressed photos or videos via WeChat. then take a person in WeChat Chats or contact list and send the compressed photos or videos. If you use a Samsung Galaxy phone, you can find the file in either the ES file manager or My Files’s inventory file manager. Then press and hold the compressed photos or videos; you will find the Share via the option to select and send the file to WeChat.

Apple users can review this step-by-step tutorial for compressing files to iPhone. This guide offers a free iPhone file manager that you can use for compressing and unpacking files on your iPhone. You can tap and hold the file you want to submit via Wechat in the File Manager, then choose Open with the option, and select WeChat. Next, you can select anyone in WeChat and send him the selected file.

Wechat article preview header size

 The online image for the item can be 400 x any pixel.

The WeChat preview header size is 200 x 200 pixels and can be used in different formats. The social media platform allows you to preview the article in a 900 x 500-pixel header, but displays at 360 x 200 pixels. The online image for the item can be 400 x any pixel.

There will be a Full Image option in the lower left-hand corner if using WeChat for iPhone. Press it to activate the full image of the photos or images, then preview and send the photos in full size via WeChat. Using this method, you can also send fully-sized photos without compression from the Android phone. However, if you use WeChat on an Android phone, you can view its appearance differently.

Wechat article preview thumbnail size

How large should the website thumbnails be?

The thumbnail should be 165 x 165px. The full image can be pretty big. But the bigger the image, the longer the upload in the viewer browser.

Wechat article inline image

The heading image extends to the top of your account message. It is larger than the preview article thumbnail images, allowing you to be more creative with the image. The recommended size is 900 x 500 pixels with a maximum file size of 2 MB.

This is the image that will appear continuously next to the posted article. The recommended width is 400 x 400 pixels.

-Tips on how to create perfect and use

  • Upload and share videos to WeChat Moments. In contrast to sharing videos with a specific contact or group, you can also publish and share videos in WeChat Moments so that all your friends can see them.
  • Save the WeChat Sight footage. In contrast to regular videos received from your friends, you cannot directly record WeChat Sight without this tool.


It is essential to obtain the correct size for any image of your update on your social media account. Shorter dimensions will not be taken into account if you stretch the shorter dimensions. Image quality will be impaired. If you do it larger than the required size, essential details will have to be trimmed. And the picture as a whole is not going to be as good as the original. As a result, get the right size and propose on any social media platform.

With a wide range of functionality on a single platform and more than one billion active users. Companies and brands should take the opportunity to raise the profile of their companies and brands through the application.

To differentiate your company from others, it is essential to create attractive visual pages, messages and ads.

That said, it’s obviously important to know what elements can be customized and uploaded to WeChat and the best dimension to use.


How can I attach a photograph to WeChat?

In a conversation, press “+” and then Album.

From there, you can send a picture or video of the film on your phone. Choose the one you want and press Submit.

Is it possible for WeChat to send a PDF?

Locate and touch the file you are sending.

The file will open in its default application when you tap on it. For instance, press a PDF file to open it in your PDF reader.

How can I open a PDF on WeChat?

Responding as an Android user:

  1. Click on “My Files”
  2. Open “Images”
  3. Select WeChat.
  4. Take advantage of your saved photos from WeChat.

Are there WeChats for PCs?

WeChat is also available on PC, making it possible to use the file-sharing option as you share any file. It looks and feels the same on PC as the mobile version, which means you make no mistake about how to use it. To use the PC-based service, you need the accompanying mobile application.