There are several options for your Telegram profile photo. PHOTOS of yourself in an iconic location, with your family, your girlfriend/boyfriend, etc. A good profile picture can make a good impression on you and draw your contacts’ attention to Telegram.

-Telegram image size guide

The telegraph profile picture is the big picture you will use to identify yourself on this application. The privacy feature of Telegram gives you great control over who can or cannot view your profile photo. All you can do is show your profile photo to your contacts. You may also choose which contacts, groups or users you want to hide your profile photo from.

Telegram Profile Photo Dimensions

So the picture requested is square, but don't worry. It has a system that allows you to crop and edit your photo when you download it.

The ideal size for your Telegram profile photo and group photos is 512px by 512px. So the picture requested is square, but don’t worry. It has a system that allows you to crop and edit your photo when you download it.

Bear in mind that the profile image displayed on the main screen will have a round shape. People won’t see your whole picture unless they click on your picture. So be careful with the photo you download: it should never have essential items or parts of your face in the corners, as they will not be displayed in the preview.


Telegram profile photo size

Because your profile photo is the first thing, people see when they try to send you a message about Telegram. You have to ensure that he represents you in the right way.

To add your Telegram profile photo, follow the steps below:

  • Go to the menu on the phone.
  • Locate and tap on the Telegram app.
  • Select the left menu and navigate to the settings.
  • Press “Set profile picture” and select a picture in your gallery. Click on the camera icon and load one photo.
  • You can do a few final modifications to your photo if you want.
  • Press the right button to save the changes.

Telegram Profile Photo: Change the background

The Telegram profile photo is an excellent opportunity to show all your contacts some of the beautiful locations you have visited. But don’t forget that a landscape should never be the sole protagonist in your profile picture.

Sometimes you travel to a place and take incredible pictures of the scenery, a landmark, or breathtaking views. But you’re trying to take a picture of yourself right now, and you’re running out of drums, or maybe you don’t like how you look. You always want to show your contact on Whatsapp the incredible place you have visited, but you don’t have any suitable photos. But don’t panic, our Telegram photo tool is the perfect solution for you!

On the other hand, if you want your face to be the focal point of the image, busy backgrounds. This can divert your attention, which is not ideal if you want a profile photo that accurately portrays you. In this case, it is preferable to use a plain or straightforward coloured background. If this happens, our Telegram profile photo editor can also help! Read on to find out more!

Aspect ratio and dimension

The ideal size for your Telegram profile photo and group photos is 512px by 512px. As a result, the image requested is square. But don’t worry: its system allows you to crop and change your picture when you download it.

Open the image by right-clicking and selecting Open with, clicking File and then clicking Open in the Paint menu. Under the Image section of the Home tab, click Resize. Set the size of the image in percentage or pixels as you please.

-Tips and how to use

Multiple Profile Pictures on Telegram

Telegram lets you load additional profile photos. At the same time, the final photo is the profile image that your contacts will see. They can swipe to look at the rest of your photos.

Go to Settings and touch the camera icon to load new profile images. You can take a photo, download an existing one, look up a new image on the Web or delete your current photo. Tap your profile photo here to see all of your uploads.

- Conclusion

It automatically degrades the quality of your photos. But there’s one simple thing you can use to get around it.

One of the most common features we use in IM apps is to send photos. But the fact is that Telegram decreases the quality of the pictures when they are sent. If you want to show your friends where you spend your holidays, it won’t usually be an issue.

But if you took a quality photograph and you want others to see it without demoting it. There’s a way to prevent this from happening.

Telegram just reduces the quality of the pictures when we send them as an image. This means that when sending an attachment to a conversation, you select the Gallery option. the quality automatically falls. As a result, we must look for an alternative.


How to send photographs of Telegram to WhatsApp.

If your question is not about size but how to send pictures of Telegram to WhatsApp. You’ll be glad to know it’s pretty simple. All you need to do is open the photo and press the Share button. It will pop up all the apps you can share, including WhatsApp.

If you do not wish to enter Telegram to send the picture. It is preferable to upload the images to remain in your gallery. Then, go to the chat you want on WhatsApp and push the clip button to share a file. Now you can find it and send it anywhere you want once you have a photo stored on your phone. The sending process is the same as the source of the photo.

How to repair the “too many attempts” mistake in the Telegram.

If you would like to use the email application as soon as possible, we will tell you how to correct the “too many attempts” error in Telegram.

One important thing to know is that the “too many attempts” error in Telegram is not fixed either by deleting the application. and reinstall it or use other 3rd party applications to connect. Note that the Telegram acts in these cases by blocking the telephone number, it does not have anything to do with the application itself.

To correct the error from too many attempts, you have to wait a while to reconnect. Usually, in the lightest blocking cases, you can restart the application after ten minutes.

How do I send a full resolution picture in Telegram?

Open the chat at the point you want to send the photos and videos. Tap the Attachment icon and select the photos you would like to share in the gallery. Press the More menu (the three vertical lines at your phone screen). Click Send Without Compression to send images without being compressed.

Does Telegram diminish image quality?

The photos or videos you share on Telegram are compressed to shorten the file size by default. It also reduces picture quality. But if you wish, you can send your gallery files in an uncompressed format, that is to say, their original quality.

How do I send full-size photos on Messenger?

It was impossible to send a full-size picture in Messenger in 2021. So, sadly, since 2021, there has been no way to send photos in their original file size via Messenger. And you’ll have to use a different app to do that.

How do you send HD photos?

Six ways to send high-quality pictures.

  1. Email. Email has not been designed to send pictures, but it can be used if the image files are under the maximum size of the attachment. …
  2. Bluetooth. Bluetooth was formerly the main method of sharing images for years. …
  3. AirDrop.
  4. Wi-Fi Direct
  5. Google Photos
  6. Filemail: To send high quality photographs.

How can I send uncompressed photographs?

To do so, start a conversation with the person you want to send the picture to. Then select the + sign. From then on, you will see the Document option. When this option is selected, a series of non-picture documents will appear.

How do I send huge files via Telegram?

All you need to do is open the file you receive in Telegram and press the Share button, then choose how you would like to share the file. it is by name as sent by email or through another application. If you are an Android user, you will see the “Share” option in the context menu of your file.