Meme generator - Top 12 Online Tools That Generate High-Quality Memes


Most of us use memes on a daily basis to spread laughter and relatable jokes with people, right? In fact, memes help us lighten the mood, they help us spread important information in an entertaining way so that it reaches many people, and they help us bond with like-minded people.

But have you ever considered making memes yourselves? We have tried and we gotta say, if you have the brains, and use the right resources, it isn’t that difficult.

In this article, we’ll show you how meme generators work, we’ll show you how our super cool Meme Generator tool works, and we’ll give you a list of the top 12 online tools that you can also use to generate great quality memes. So, pace yourselves, and get ready for the ride, y’all!

Well but, what is a meme exactly?

Okay, so this part clearly gets a little serious. inserts the “Why so serious” joker meme

Memes are sarcastic images with the capacity to affect the outcome of an election, demonstrate opposition, bring happiness in even the most depressed of minds, go viral, and accomplish a variety of other things. A meme is a fun method for people to express joy and happiness through photos.

Memes are widely used on social media platforms as they’re a fun way to share jokes and humorous experiences with others. To make a meme, you must first be inspired. You can simply gain meme ideas and inspiration by looking at previous viral memes. You’ll not only have fun looking at them, but you’ll also gain insight into the materials and content strategy you’ll need to create your meme.

Then all you have to do is gather your image content, figure out what message you want to express, choose a subject, keep it brief, and come up with original memes to make a nice joke. We’ll show you the top free meme generator apps in this article. With these meme generators, you can make excellent memes in no time.

About our tool and how it works

Like we stated before, we have tried making memes, and we have used our very own website. And it is an amazing option, really. Our Meme Generator tool from is one of the best, coolest, and simplest tools out there. And guess what! It is completely free to use, completely online, and safe to use as well. Let us elaborate a little more on the features of this tool.

When creating a meme from an uploaded image,’s meme generator tool has a lot of options. Insertion of text on the uploaded image file is one of the key functionalities. - Changing the transparency of the submitted text. - Changing the font size of the inserted content. - Changing the value of the stroke - Adding an image to a picture - Changing the shadow value in the image file that was uploaded. - Using italics to change the text. - Increasing or decreasing the boldness of the text to be placed - Highlighting textual elements. - Adding color options to the meme. Our meme generator program creates extremely high-quality memes.

None of your information is transferred to our servers, and all actions are completed within the browser. As a result, we can ensure that our users are completely safe. Our meme generator tool is compatible with nearly all browsers and devices.

No professional expertise is required to use our meme generator tool because it is very simple to use. Our tool is absolutely free; you can use any of our features without paying anything. No further software is necessary to be downloaded on your device to use this application, which is fully browser-based.

How to make a MEME out of a photograph.

Upload the image file or select Dropbox/Google Drive from the drop-down menu and choose the photo to be transformed into a MEME.

To get a superior meme, change the parameters.

Make a meme funnier by adding an image or text.

To save your changes, select the Save button.

Use the download option to get the MEME.

That is all! The MEME is all set to go.

Top 12 Meme Generators that you may also use

There are a plethora of meme generator applications and websites on the internet, so let’s take a look at the top 12.

GATM’s Meme Maker:

GATM is a fantastic Android meme generation app. It’s a free app with a robust meme generator that allows users to rapidly discover new memes. You can go through fresh memes that are added on a daily basis. It features a large library of templates and allows users to submit their own photos. Despite being a free programme, the text formatting features provide some basic options. This software doesn’t put a watermark on the memes and allows users to share them directly from the app on numerous social networking platforms.


A large library of templates is available, as well as the ability to use your own photos.

While making a meme, you can see a live preview of it.


The app’s free version includes advertisements.

There are no advanced font formats available.


9GAG is another useful Android meme creation app. It will assist you in maximising your time, enjoying laughing, making new friends, and accomplishing more. It’s quite simple to use and load without taking too long. 9GAG can help you create unique memes from your brilliant thoughts. You can enjoy 9GAG’s laugh riot option at any time.


Share memes directly on social networking networks.

To become popular, connect with new meme-makers and develop original memes.


GIF and video files can take a long time to load.

Large image files can be challenging to download.


Memedroid is more than just a meme generator; it’s also a community of meme makers who enjoy having a good time. It comes with a large meme template collection and basic text formatting features. Memes can be made using either current or new templates.

Memedroid also allows you to use your own image to generate new memes. The template collection is updated on a regular basis, ensuring that you have access to a constant supply of meme materials.

Meme Center

What makes this website unique is the variety of tools accessible for various types of memes, such as rapid meme, gif maker, meme builder, and so on. You can also look through the various memes for inspiration and then create your own using the various images or templates offered.

Make a meme

This software was able to make its way onto the list thanks to its extremely rapid and simple to create user-friendly website. One can quickly select a platform and generate new memes using pre-made templates, for example.


It is, in fact, a Mac and Windows application. This one is really simple to use, with over 100 layouts and the opportunity to use your own image. You may either upload or print your memes right from


Mematic is a fantastic Android meme generation app with over 100,000 downloads on Google Play. Mematic will assist you in swiftly creating fascinating memes without busting a beat. All you have to do now is add captions and share it with your friends on social media. It offers a large number of template libraries from which you may choose old and new designs.


Options for making memes are plentiful and simple.

It facilitates the creation of memes with minimal effort.


There are no photo editing tools available.

There are several basic text formatting choices available.

Simple Meme Generator

Simple Meme Generator might seem a little simplistic by its title but you can create high-quality GIF images as well as memes utilising pictures via this one. To make a meme, simply upload any hilarious image from your Android device’s storage and add any phrase to the top or bottom of the image.


It’s quite easy to use.

You may easily incorporate your own images, thoughts, and messages.


Puts a watermark to the memes you’ve made.

To make memes with your own graphics and words, you must be entirely creative.

Meme Factory

Meme Factory is a fantastic tool for quickly creating video memes and gifs. With a simple user interface, this programme is really simple to use. It lets you make hilarious memes, send them to yout friends, and just have fun because the Meme Factory app makes everything simple.


You may effortlessly browse through other users’ memes that they have uploaded.

You can choose from over 125 different meme templates to use.


When making memes, too many advertisements can be distracting.

Meme Generator

First and foremost, we have a straightforward tool that runs on Windows 10, Windows 8, and Xbox One. It offers a basic and intuitive user interface that makes navigating the app a breeze.

When you first launch the programme, you’ll notice some pre-loaded meme templates, including some well-known ones, as well as the opportunity to create your own. If you don’t like the templates provided, click More Memes to be brought to the Meme template store, where you can search for the templates you want or simply browse through using the slider.

It’s very simple to make memes; simply select one of the templates, type a top and bottom line, and then click Store to save a copy of your image locally.

Free Meme Creator

Free Meme Creator is a small application that comes with various pre-loaded templates for making funny memes.

It’s easy to use; all you have to do is choose a template, a font, a colour, and some text. You can personalise it by adding text in any way you wish. There is one caveat: you will not receive a large number of meme templates. However, you can still create memes or use your own templates. So, go to and download Free Meme Creator.

Meme Generator for iOS

This meme generator app allows you to build your own unique meme by selecting from a variety of meme themes. Users can also share their memes directly on Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Dropbox, and other social media platforms.


There are over 500 meme templates and specimen caption texts in the meme template collection.

You can change the size and colour of photos and texts, as well as select from a variety of font formats.


There are too many advertisements in the free version.