Photographers are more likely to download their work on Flickr than on Instagram. What is Flickr, anyway? And what is the purpose of Flickr? Let’s get right to the point.


Flickr provides a platform for you to share your photos and videos.

Remember when you had to show your friends pictures of yourself? Thankfully, times have changed, and now you can easily showcase your creativity in front of the world using image-sharing platforms. Flickr is one such photo-sharing site.

Here we’re going to talk about what Flickr is, what features it offers, and what sets it apart from its peers. Flickr is a popular on-line photo-sharing site to download your photos and videos. It began its journey in 2007, and without Instagram around, it was once the most popular website in its class.

Although Flickr is not currently at its peak, the platform currently has over 60 million active monthly users around the world.

 Flickr is a popular on-line photo-sharing site to download your photos and videos.

-Flickr size guide

Because Flickr displays images at 1024px and 1600px wide (and 2048px is their largest displayed size), you can try uploading images at any of these specific sizes. and check whether the versions displayed maintain a level of quality that would satisfy you.

Square 75 (75 × 75) Square 150 (150 × 150) Thumbnail (100 × 71)

Small 240 (240 × 171) Small 320 (320 × 229) Small 400 (400 × 286)

Medium 500 (500 × 357) Medium 640 (640 × 457) Medium 800 (800 × 572)

Large 1024 (1024 × 732) Large 1600 (1600 × 1143) …

X-Large 3K (3072 × 2195) X-Large 4K (4096 × 2926)

Flickr cover image size

We didn’t hear anything official from Flickr, but from some tests, we determined that a good working image size is 2560 x 2560 pixels. Flickr narrows and enlarges the image according to the width of the browser window used. As a result, the amount of images to be viewed varies depending on the width of the navigator window. The upper and lower areas of the image have semi-transparent menus and buttons. and the entire image is coated with a vertical fade graded black from the middle of the image.

Although the coverage image is only about 234px, it is essential to have a picture of over 2000px. If you don’t have the Flickr cover image sounds horrible on wide screens, and it can also be cropped in width on smaller screens. For this reason, this model uses a 2560 x 2560 pixel image size. I tried out more than twelve different coverage image sizes to see what works and what doesn’t.

How to update your Flickr cover photo

Move your cursor to the current cover image on Flickr. An “Edit Cover Photo” button will pop up. Click on it and the “Choose Cover Photo” popup will display.

You may select an image from your newly uploaded public photos and Safe. If your photo does not appear or no photo appears, check your account settings. Select the photo you would like to use.

You may now reposition your photo accordingly. If you have used the templates I provided, it is useless to reposition the image.

Press ‘Save’.

Important Browse to a different page, then returns to your photostream. Use your browser’s update button to reload the page. Flickr creates a new file of cover images, therefore the page must be updated.

You may now remove the cover image from your Photostream if you want.

Features of Flickr

Now that you know what Flickr is, let’s look at a few of its remarkable characteristics that you should try:

1. Dedicated Profile

Flickr requires you to create a profile on the site to download your own work. Your profile image and biography can be added to your Flickr profile. When creating the profile, you will be provided with a dedicated profile as well as a dashboard where you can view photos and videos.

Use the dashboard to manage and track your media files. Here you may also highlight up to 25 favorite photos. This section will also show your favorite images and testimonials from your fans.

2. Photostream

In Photostream, Flickr displays all of your uploaded photos that are publicly available. This public portfolio segment is dedicated to shared media files that people can access from your profile. You can also display your other images with various viewing permissions, including friends, family, friends, and family.

3. Albums & Galeries.

You can regroup your images and videos from similar topics or categories by putting them in an album. Flickr will allow you to download, delete, and share an entire album all at once.

Galleries are another way to group pictures, but you can use this feature to bring together photos that belong to others. A gallery may receive up to 50 pictures or videos.

4. Organize

This function allows you to manage your pictures by editing all necessary settings.

Here you can change the authorization settings, add/change the date, and add people and tags to the picture.

can also change geolocation settings, send photos to a group, and add images to a scrapbook. If you like, you can even select multiple photos at a time and arrange them in batches within a short period of time.

5. Sharing

When somebody asks what Flickr is for, sharing pictures is the first thing we think about. You can easily share all the media files uploaded into Flickr with people inside or outside of this platform.

The one-touch share button is available on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Tumblr. Alternatively, you can get a built-in code and a BBCode for an image or email it with a message.

6. People

In this section, you can find the list of people you follow and the photos they have uploaded to Flickr. You may use it to search for a person who is already using this platform. You can also import your address book from Facebook, Gmail, and Yahoo to find contacts that are already on Flickr.

From there, you can also send a personalized email invitation to your friends to sign up for Flickr.

7. Faves

In simple words, Faves is the section where Flickr stores all your favorite photos or bookmarks. You can highlight any image you like on Flickr and go back to this section when you want to review them.

8. Stats

This function will provide you with the source of the viewer, the popularity of the image, the number of views, and other advanced statistics using graphics and graphs. This will help you get a clear idea about your Flickr profile performance. However, only professional users may access this attribute.

9. Groups

You can also join Flickr groups to broaden your network of like-minded individuals and increase exposure to your photos and videos. To be an active member of a group, frequently comment on photos that others share and respond to their comments on your posts.

Also, you can bookmark photos from other users as favorites and follow other photographers to build a network outside of groups. This is an opportunity for you to join a discussion on a common theme.

Summary and how to start

If you select to upload a cover photo when the “Select Cover Photo” pop-up appears, there is a bug in the system (as of May 22, 2013). To bypass it: upload your photo, making sure it’s public and secure. You will now need to select the “Edit Cover Photo” button again by hovering over the existing coverage image.

This time, when the “Choose Cover Photo” pop-up window appears, you will see your last photo at the top of the list. Can you see it? Did you think about making the photo public? You can now complete the above steps beginning with step 2.


If you’re more likely to show off your photography talent than socialize with your friends, Flickr is a fantastic platform. You can use it to download your pictures and videos in their original size without compromising quality. You can also let others upload them in different resolutions if you want.

On top of Flickr, you can try other sites for sharing and hosting images.

On top of Flickr, you can try other sites for sharing and hosting images. There are many websites that will help you attract more customers and advance your career as a long-term photographer.


Is Flickr an incomplete resolution?

Flickr always displays a low-resolution image first and a full-resolution image afterward.

Does flicker decrease image quality?

And Flickr compresses the images it creates, trying to find a balance between quality and download speed. You should look around the site and decide if the quality is correct for you. since nearly all the images you see are generated by Flickr, hence compressed by them.

How small is the Flickr banner?

We didn’t hear anything official from Flickr, but from some tests, we determined that a good working image size is 2560 x 2560 pixels. Flickr narrows and enlarges the image according to the width of the browser window used.

Is the flicker reducing image quality?

And Flickr compresses the images it generates, trying to find a balance between quality and download rate. You will need to look around the site and decide if the quality is right for you (since practically every picture you see is generated by Flickr, so compressed by them).

How to modify my Flickr background?

Change the photo as many times as you like with ease.

  1. Click You.
  2. Click on the 3-dot menu on the cover photo.
  3. Choose Edit Cover Photo from the drop-down menu.
  4. Choose a photo from your Flickr account or load a new one.
  5. Click Select.
  6. Slide the image in position.
  7. Click Save.