Most dating applications on the market have their own unique set of recommended heights (maximums) and aspect ratios (length of width ratios). and the ones I will deal with later in this post. The photos must be clear enough when you upload them to an application. they will not be twisted, too tight, or unnecessarily blurred, as they are too small.

The photos must be clear enough when you upload them to an application. they will not be twisted, too tight, or unnecessarily blurred, as they are too small.

Those who have managed to get good pictures for their profile (I estimate that represents less than 15-20% of the total population). The last thing you want to do is let these good photos go to the garbage because you downloaded a too small photo. Or failed to add a proper border to prevent unwanted cultivation. Here are some tips to get the most out of photos, crop photos, and understand photo guidelines and requirements for every application.

-Tinder Size Guide

How big is the Tinder photo/ dimensions/ aspect ratio?

Many people have asked about Tinder image sizes, but no clear answers existed online. As a result, we decided to investigate on our own.

Aspect Ratio

Tinder demands that you crop the images on a square (1:1 aspect ratio).

But then, in the sliding deck, it zooms into your main photo so that it is more significant than it is wide (an aspect ratio of 0.7:1).

Hinge design ratio: 1:1.

Recommended minimum pixel: 640 640.

Pixel recommendations: >=800 800.

Pro-tip: Best posts and answers to use on your Tinder profile. TINDER photo upload options: Facebook, Instagram, or Upload from the photo gallery on your phone.

Tinder profile photo size

On an iPhone 6, Tinder asks you to trim to a size of 640 x 640 sq pixels.

However, your main picture is enlarged and displayed at 600 x 848 pixels on the scanning platform.

However, the exact number of pixels varies as a device functions.

How do I avoid the crop?

I hate having to crop your picture into a square, especially when they’re just zooming it in later?

Your best bet is to use an application like “Square Instapic” that keeps the size of your photo and adds edges to make it perfectly square.

The results are astonishingly not bad.

Aspect ratio: Smooth but 0.6:1 to 1:0.6 (square, landscape or portrait, but not panoramic)

Pixel recommendations: >=800 800.

Photo size: <5 MB, but above 100 KB (0.1 MB)

Tip: Avoid such mistakes on your

Match photo download options: Facebook or Download from Device Gallery.

How many photos can you get on 26 but cap it to 6 unless they are epic photos. So you’re just as good-looking as your worst picture.

Aspect ratio

I generally do not recommend this approach, but sometimes it is necessary to preserve certain dating applications’ aspect ratio. At the risk of losing context for a photo, you need to make sure that all the elements of your photo that make it a large photo are displayed to users. You can use an app like Square Instapic to add a single border to your photos if you have to.

It is advisable to stick with solid border color and not to go Snapchat-Esque with sparks, emojis, etc. Kiss It Stupid Single (KISS). MSPaint and Adobe Photoshop will work, too but will require more patience and competence.

Except if you have an epic selfie, don’t use those pictures. Apart from the quality of the camera, the lack of exciting environments and awkward looks, selfies are generally taken remotely. The closer the camera gets to the subject or face, the more distorted (wider) the photos. That’s usually unflattering for most people. Nobody wants to sound bigger than him.

Tip: If you’re having trouble taking a selfie, ask a stranger to take the photo to get a better photo with the best camera (facing back).

Dimension in pixels

Dating applications do not have the best editing and cropping tools. You should still follow the recommended sizes (slightly larger than the minimums) despite the specified minimum sizes.

In addition, older apps use square photos, so I recommend editing the photos in a square format before uploading them to the app. This should reduce blurring due to oversized or oversized portrait and landscape images. Try shrinking the size in a third-party photo editor for larger pictures because large photos (i.e. of DSLR) may also become distorted in the download process.

Another option to avoid blurred photos is first to upload photos to your Facebook account. Rather than downloading directly from your phone or laptop.

Many people managed to use this method where possible.

where your Facebook account is linked to your account or use Facebook to login/register your account).

How to avoid the crop

Your main photo should include an excellent unobstructed view of your face that is large enough for potential correspondences to see you. There shouldn’t be another person in the picture.

If a photo has been taken from a distance and shows more of your body, we will make a vignette that shows your face.

Also, remember the following:

It would help if you appeared in the main photo.

Photos that may be offensive will not be displayed.

Image files must be received in an approved format (e.g. jpg, BMP, gif) and must be over 100 KB and under 5 MB. (Note that we are converting all images to jpg so that all browsers can view them.)

Tips on how to create a perfect tinder profile

Aspect ratio: 0.6:1 to 0.7:1 (orientation photography centered on the portrait)

Recommended minimum pixel: 640 640.

Pixel recommendations: >=800 800.

Download photo options for Bumble: Photo Library, Facebook or Take a photo with your camera.

Tip: Examples of messages you should use in your profile.

Bumble Photos Rules:

- No children alone. They need to be in the photograph with an adult, and fully dressed.

-No photos in bikini/swimsuit indoors.

-No photographs in underwear.

-No shirtless mirror selfies/undergarments.

-Face should be clearly visible in all photographs.

-No watermark/overlay.

-No pornography material.

-No graphical hunting photos.

-No guns.

How to upload a photo to Tinder (it used to be necessary to use Facebook to upload photos. but now you can directly upload pictures of your camera to your phone).

.How to upload a photo to Tinder (it used to be necessary to use Facebook to upload photos. but now you can directly upload pictures of your camera to your phone).

Aspect Ratio: 1:1

Recommended minimum pixel: 640 640.

Pixel recommendations: >=800 800.

Tip: Some good sample bios to use on your Tinder profile.

Tinder Picture Rules: No nude, no sexually explicit content.

How to upload a photo to Tinder (it used to be necessary to use Facebook to upload photos. but now you can directly upload pictures of your camera to your phone).

Add: Tap the profile icon > Tap the pencil icon or Edit Info > Tap one of the red + icons to add a photo.

Delete: Tap the profile icon > tap the pencil icon or tap Modify Information > tap the red X icon next to the photo you want to delete.

Reorder: Tap the profile icon > tap the pencil icon or Modify info > tap, hold and drag the photo you want to move.

How many photos can you have on Tinder: 9 (but 6 is sufficient).

Tinder Images No Uploading, Tinder Failed To Upload, Tinder Pictures Not Load.

  1. Ensure you have the most current version of the application.
  2. Ensure photos are not too big (reduce the size if necessary).
  3. Try removing the Facebook app and reinstalling it.
  4. Upload pictures from your camera instead of Facebook.
  5. Slow cellular/wifi connection.
  6. Upload photos individually.

Blurry Tinder Pictures: Why Tinder Zoom on the pictures.

Tinder will crop pictures sometimes and blur them if they are not large enough. or they are not cropped until the download. Upload cropped photographs or use the internal Tinder tool.

How to send images to Tinder.

Use a 3rd party hosting site such as Imgur or a shared folder such as Google Drive, Dropbox, etc.

Recommended minimum pixel: 640 640.

Pixel recommendations: >=800 800.

Recommended minimum pixel: 640 640.

Pixel recommendations: >=800 800.

Maximum allowed pictures: 8 pictures, 16 for premium members.

Zoom In and Cropping Photos, Photo Crop Online.

When zooming and reframing, you have to consider what you vs. the environment and the surrounding environment. People often zoom in far too close for a selfie that distorts the face of the subject (making it wider, unflattering). Or use photos that are too distant and hard to recognize.

If you have a picture with you in the distance, it is a beautiful place or a travel destination. It’s perfectly correct to use (don’t make it your first photo or use too many distant, dark or blurry photos). You need some close-up photos (1/4-1/2 body to see how you look up close and whole body to see your body and style).

On applications like Tinder, your photos can be enlarged too closely, so you should crop before uploading to have more control over the final layout. If you would like to crop your photo, do not use the online photo cropping services. Your phone is usually the best source because it has capabilities in the default photo application without sacrificing the confidentiality of online photo croppers. If you are on the desk, MSPaint is sufficient.

Moreover, people’s fatal mistake with the photos is zooming or cropping too close. The same rules apply to a portrait here: No floating heads, including the shoulders, and make sure that your frame does not include more than 70% of the frame.

Get full-size photos/ Save original photos.

It can be tricky to manage all your photos with many photo sharing, photo editing, and camera applications. I like to use Google Photos’ automatic backup function because you can save original photos or at least photos at a sufficient size that you can use later. Exit i.e. Facebook, Instagram, sorts these images, you know…

If you try to download a picture from Facebook, it will probably be done at a reduced size and resolution quality. Retaining a backup of the original photo will be helpful if you decide to print photos, or use them later.

Sending and texting photos to dating websites.

If your friend has taken a picture on their phone and you are looking to get a picture of them for your dating profile. So, ask them to send it to you by email rather than text, because texting photos will drastically reduce the size and quality of the photo to speed up the sending time. Don’t trust the screenshots either, as they will further reduce the size of the images.


Minimize photo sizes that are too large for dating applications.

Some sites, such as, have a maximum size limit for pictures, <5MB. Most DSLR cameras will provide bigger shots from 6Mb to 12MB or higher.

To use high-quality photos, you must use a photo editor to reduce the size of your photos. MSPaint and Adobe Photoshop are excellent choices on your laptop. I recommend the desktops vs. mobile applications primarily for privacy and security reasons (particularly recently).


How to take good dating profile photographs.

When taking pictures, be sure to use your camera back from your phone instead of the front-facing one. Rear cameras on mobile phones often come with two different cameras, and the one at the front is usually a lower-quality camera. The use of the rear camera is recommended to retain the best size and quality for your photos.

Check your camera application settings to ensure your photos are taken/recorded at the highest resolution. There are usually multiple options for photos on your phone, depending on how much space you have to do a quick check. This ensures you are taking and saving photos with the highest quality dimensions.

How To Unblur Tinder Pictures

You can’t.

How am I going to upload my photos?

Exit the application and re-open it. You’ll lose your profile.

How do I Unblur my Tinder profile picture?

Repeat the same by right-clicking on their image and clicking on ‘Inspect’. The white square on the right side of the browser will have a long line of code, but if you look through it, you’ll see a word that says “Blur”. Remove this word, press Enter and voilà!

What is Tinder Shadow Ban?

A shadowban is when your actions are limited by Tinder without you being notified. For example, you might always be able to use the app to swipe left and right. However, your profile would not be displayed to other users.

How do you know if you’re picking Tinder?

We can’t be sure.

Tinder won’t warn you if you’re in the spotlight about someone’s best choices. However, you might be more likely a Top Pick if you’re getting more Super Likes and matches than usual.

Does Tinder appreciate how attractive you are?

Many people think that Tinder categorizes its users according to their appearance, but this is not true. It depends on three factors-

profile photos; behavior on the app (swipe right to love somebody and left to pass); and interactions with others through messages or correspondence.