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Founded in 2007, more than 200 million blogs are now posting more than 80 million messages every day. This is so much content! Tumblr content is organized into #tags, basically hashtags creating clusters of topics. On Tumblr, users can share almost any kind of content they can imagine, including articles, text messages, photographs, videos, audio files, and animated GIFs. The primary way users interact with each other is by providing feedback on their respective posts and “reblogging” content from their blog, such as the retweet feature on Twitter.


As with many other social networks, creating unique visuals for Tumblr is critical.



Did you consider setting up your own Tumblr blog? Or perhaps your current page needs to be updated? Well, there are a few things you can do to customize your home page, and we have a pair of easy-to-use templates to get you started.

The primary thing you have to keep in mind when creating images for your Tumblr page is the resolution of your image. The image’s poor resolution will give your graphics a granular look. And the maximum and minimum picture size that Tumblr allows to download.

You’ll also want to consider your design and branding and think about how you can synchronize your style and color palette across various social media platforms. Tumblr provides excellent personalization options, one of the best in comparison to other social media platforms.

Use it to your benefit and integrate the colors and logo of your brand into the theme of your blog.

So how do you start if you want to start blogging on Tumblr? Or would you like to reorganize your page? Don’t search any further!

Tumblr Icon Size

The Tumblr profile icon is a square picture. Ideally, you should download it. JPG or. PNG format, and the optimal size is 128 x 128 pixels.

Sometimes called “avatar,” your profile photo is essentially the same as the one taken by Facebook or Twitter.

This image will appear at the top of your profile stream when someone clicks on your username and appears alongside all of your messages as a thumbnail icon.

Like any social media icon, it’s essential to ensure that the image is a good representation of your brand. And is sufficiently distinctive that your followers recognize you. Our design tools and this guide make it easy for you to stand out.

It is standard practice to use bold and artistic images for your Tumblr icon. And, of course, it is crucial to write down the appropriate pixels and dimensions when you select your picture.

It would help to consider how your icon will fit with your banner design and make sure that the color palette and theme fit nicely. Remember, your icon will appear differently on a desktop computer than on a mobile device. Note that the profile image is to the left of the release templates.

How To Create Your Own Tumblr Icon

Suppose you are trying to grow into a Tumblr blogger and promote your blog through social media marketing. Or simply prowling around other people’s blogs, you’ll need an icon image to personalize your profile.

Instead of just randomly uploading a picture, why not try to make your unique image with customized graphic design elements? This is easy to do in Vectornator, where picture customization is as easy as a few shots with an Apple Pencil!

All you have to do is open a new document, and you can then use the design tools to create your high-quality shapes. Or you can download a favorite picture of yourself and customize it with vector shapes.

These features and other design tools make it easy for you to resize and change your favorite images. The addition of graphical design elements to an existing image can be a great way to create a unique design without building it from scratch.

Tumblr Header Size

Your banner will display 3000 x 1055 pixels on a desk computer but mobile. The resolution is less than 640 x 360 pixels.

Such as your cover picture on Facebook, LinkedIn, or most other leading social media platforms. Your Tumblr banner is the primary image shown at the top of your blog’s homepage.

Make sure you upload an image of at least 3000 x 1055 pixels so that your image appears at the quality you want. Also, make sure to monitor the height of your header picture and maximum size. And the resolution to make sure your image doesn’t compress or seem granular. For this reason, you need to download a banner picture with a 16:9 aspect ratio.

Your Tumblr header image is an excellent place to present your style and attract more followers to your blog. Because it is part of a reactive page, your banner will stretch and be displayed in various sizes. All this is according to the apparatus which is used to see it.

How to build your own Tumblr banner.

Now that we’ve covered the right header size for your Tumblr banner, you’re prepared to do your own! Ideally, the image of your banner should reflect specific features of your profile photo in order to create continuity among your page’s resources. Those pictures should circulate well together.

Once your avatar is created, you can use it as a banner template. To do so, you can import the avatar’s photo into a new document, where you can modify it. Or simply refer to it for your new document. Ensure that you adjust the photo’s dimensions correctly, as mentioned above!

Once you have created an image in Vectornator, export it in the format you want. Don’t forget to monitor the file’s size. You don’t want your picture to be too big or too small; instead, strike a happy medium between quality and file size.

Tumblr is the final platform for personalization and layout.

You can balance your designs by personalizing the colors, fonts, and layout of your Tumblr. You can extract colors from an image and use them for your design color scheme. You can then use this color for the background color of your blog!

Tumblr Posts

Photo posts are the most common posts on the Tumblr dashboard. Acceptable Tumblr image formats include JPG, PNG, GIF, and BMP, with file sizes up to 20 MB. Each post will differ when laid out on mobile versus desktop or iPad.

Tumblr image messages can be made as a single photograph or a collection of images. When you publish one image at a time, it will be displayed 500 pixels wide. If you post two pictures, they will be displayed at 245-pixel width, and for three images, each will be displayed at 160-pixel width.


How to design your own Tumblr posts.

Tumblr’s primary post templates can be great for a novice or a quick share. But you may want to contemplate using their “text” option for a bit more tailoring. Their template picture posts will only permit posting one photo with a caption and tags. Utilization of the text option will allow you to post several images at once, insert videos, and customize your format. And what if you’re an enterprise looking to get into a blog?

Tumblr welcomes entrepreneurial thinking and brands to create subject matter. And makes it easy for the population to discover and partake in that content.

Tumblr’s niche substance and #tags allow you to uncover your audience and pastor content immediately for them. The ideal enterprise image size is identical to any other Tumblr picture, 1280 x 1920 pixels.

Tumblr is an underestimated asset for entrepreneurship and brands! In reality, Tumblr is ranked #1 in social feelings toward brands likened to other social networks. If you’re in consideration of posting ads for your enterprise on Tumblr, the recommendable size for graphics is 1280 x 1920 pixels. As constantly, make sure your ads are eye-contagious and bold to try and transform casual viewers into a customer.

Another Tumblr design component to keep in mind is that your Tumblr images, posts, and format will look in a dark mode comparable to light mode.

Tumblr is a splendid micro-blogging podium for users to share a variety of substances – photos, text messages, quotes, stuff, GIFs, videos, and songs. Users are also permitted to repost substances from other writers, which indirectly allows them to get more disclosure from other users.

Although not usually considered a social system, Tumblr users are very energetic, with an estimated 200 billion posts promulgated since the birth of this podium.




What size should my Tumblr posts be?

Tumblr Picture Posts have a varying height that stretches and a Board width of 540 px. Images have a maximum expanded magnitude of 2048 x 3072 px. and an advised size of 1280 x 1920 px for a 2:3 feature ratio.

Photo Posts sustain JPG, PNG, GIF, and BMP formats with a maximum file size of 20 MB.

What is a 1.91 1 aspect ratio?

A horizontal picture with a 1.91:1 aspect ratio ought to also have a minimum width of 1080 pixels. This is a frequent aspect ratio also supportive by Facebook links and all posts for the image on Twitter mobile apps. Therefore again, a recommended overall width of 1200 pixels would be my suggestion.

How to Get Initial Size Images on Tumblr

  1. Log into your Tumblr profile account and check off the gear-shaped “Settings” button.
  2. Check off the “Dashboard” link.
  3. Watch the “Show Full Size Photos” switch in the dashboard key.
  4. Click on your blog’s title in the menu, then click the “Edit Theme” knob.

How do I stop Tumblr from resizing photos?

  1. Sign in to your Tumblr account and go to the Tumblr blog that you want to change in your main menu.
  2. Select the “Customize Theme” button. …
  3. Click the “Edit HTML” button below the preview of your theme in the right pane.
  4. Find the “{block:Photo}-{/block:Photo}” tags in the HTML.

How do you make photosets on Tumblr?

When you click on a photo post, you can extract pictures from a URL (write the URL at the bottom of the photo area). Drag and drop photos from your computer, or click the Add Photo icon to access your picture files.

How can I publish four photos on Tumblr?

How to bulk upload to the Tumblr queue.

  1. Sign in with your Tumblr account.
  2. Select the “Photo” icon.
  3. Click “Browse.”
  4. Choose the photo and click “Open.”
  5. Click “Add Another Photo” for every extra photo you want to add to the queue.
  6. Click “Upload Photo.”
  7. Click on the Publish Now dropdown, then select Publish Now.

How do you set up GIFs on Tumblr?

Drag and drop to re-order GIFs in a photo. Creation of a photo post with several pictures – known in Tumblr parlance as a photoset. it works the same if you use still images, animated GIFs, or a combination of both.

Can you schedule a Tumblr post?

To schedule a post for future release: On the web, when creating a new post, click the arrow next to “Post” and select “Schedule .” In the field below, enter the time at which you would like to post the message, press the Enter/Return key, and click “Schedule”.

What are avatar and banner in a tumbler?


An “avatar” on Tumblr is primarily your profile photo. This is the best square image to display with 128 x 128 pixels. Your avatar will also appear in thumbnail form next to your post when it is shown on your feed or that of your subscribers.


Once people click on your avatar in the dashboard, they will see a preview of your Tumblr blog and your blog banner. Having an attractive and unique banner image is essential to attracting more followers to your blog. Tumblr banners are displayed in different sizes and look better at the 16:9 aspect ratio.

Tumblr banners will appear as 3000 x 1055 pixels from the desktop dashboard and 640 x 360 pixels for moving windows and dashboards.