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Reddit is one of the most intriguing places on the net. I fully believe that you’ll be tough-pressed to switch my mind. It can offer an exceptional root of community. No issue what you’re interested in; you can uncover a group of people who share those preferences and want to discuss them. Heaven is the limit here; method, there is plenty of provision for those who want to start their society for whatever reason. And the fantastic news is that commune building opportunities are excellent… if you hear what to do.

One critical part of starting a prosperous subreddit is to spike your Reddit banner absolutely. THUS in this post, we’re passing to go over everything you want to know about the perfect Reddit banner size and the five best mores to help.

What is a Reddit Banner?

Reddit banners are the photo that spans the top of a subreddit’s side. (subreddits are modest communities within Reddit, which play as niche forums.)

An excellent Reddit banner seizing a reader’s attention. A wonderful one forthwith conveys the tone of the community chat, the specific topics, and how being split up of that community will make a readout feel. It can set the juncture for the community per se, so you want it to be remarkable.

The Perfect Reddit Banner Size

The ideal Reddit banner extent depends on the size of the flag you want to produce and includes the subsequent:

  • Tiny banners: 1920×128 pixels, aspect ratio of 15:1
  • Middle banners: 1920 256 pixels, rational appearance or 7.5:1.
  • Big banners: 1920 384 pixels, 5:1 aspect ratio.

You also want to stay with the PNG, APNG, or JPEG file types and keep the image at 5 MB or less.

Reddit Banner Top Practices.

You have your subreddit name on it, and now you’re ready to create your first Reddit banner! Congratulations!

While you're establishing your banner, keep these five best practices in your brain to end up with gorgeous, appealing images that will represent your commune well (and help it deepen!).

While you’re establishing your banner, keep these five best practices in your brain to end up with gorgeous, appealing images that will represent your commune well (and help it deepen!).

  1. Choose Graphics related to Subreddit.

There is a good chance that you have a solid idea of the “sensation” or “mood” that you want your subreddit to have. Use graphical elements and colors that correspond to what you want the community to be.

You can, for example, choose soft pastel colors for more feminine subreddit themes or use dark and obsessive colors. It can be made for mystical or fantastic subreddits. You may see an excellent example of what that looks like in the Fantasy subreddit. It has a mythic and ethereal image as a banner.

And don’t forget to add graphical elements to bring out your picture. Some communities may have banners of various visual elements on a neutral background. You can also try this!

  1. Use branded imagery when required.

While Reddit users despise brands and marketing specialists in disguise, they agree with brands that are frank about what they do. If you’re looking to create an official brand community, go ahead! Let users know that you will spend time answering their questions and seeing their comments.

You should certainly create a strong Reddit banner that showcases your specific brand when you go down this road. You don’t want users to doubt that this is not a proper forum and it’s a great place to promote brand recognition.

  1. Stay simple with your designs.

Keep in mind that although the attractive Reddit banners are great, the reality is that you never want to think about the banner too much. In many cases, simplicity can easily be improved. Choose basic patterns and easily recognizable graphics, so you don’t clutter the meaningful content your community offers.

You also want to use a lot of negative space to make it easy to take in the entire picture in one look. Make sure you avoid graphics that will not immediately jump onto users. One good example of that is the Reddit literary contest.

They added text to a vivid red banner that shared the subreddit’s name and a black and white logo. It has excellent color contrast, and it is clean and plain. If you are looking for larger color combos, we have a blog post highlighting some cool color palettes.

4. Choose patterns that match your width.

Many graphics, particularly banners, tend to concentrate on the center of the image.

 It takes a bit of creativity and getting used to it, but when you are concentrated on a large image. You might think of something spectacular.

The odd shape of the Reddit banner allows your drawing to draw the eye from left to right rather than having only one picture in the center. It takes a bit of creativity and getting used to it, but when you are concentrated on a large image. You might think of something spectacular.

Keep an eye on where your profile image is on the left side so that it does not interfere with the banner. And even better, you can fit that into your design. So supposing you can operate it for desktop and mobile.

  1. Benefit from the contrasting colors.

The beauty of using contrasting colors to attract attention and, at the same time, help your pop design cannot be denied. You can use single or solid backgrounds and one or two contrasting colors for the basic structure. This may be your logo, brand, or other graphics.

Design your Reddit banner with Pixelied.

Pictures matter to your brand and your community. Because not everybody has the technical expertise to create a design from scratch, they have Pixelied and its wide range of design models, elements, picture ideas, and other creative options.

Below is a step-by-step tutorial about designing your Reddit banner using Pixelied.

Step 1 – Open the Pixelied editor.

Open the Pixelied user-friendly editor on the Pixelied website.

At this stage, you have a wide variety of filters and settings with which you can play. However, please respect the recommended image sizes, especially on Reddit. given that there are stringent community guidelines on the platform.

Step 2 – Edit your banner using several design elements.

Add items to your image to give it more life and give it the feeling of being active instead of bland. You can add vector drawings, watercolor illustrations, lines, shapes, photographs, figurines, and even 2D characters to your picture.

In addition, you can also use other editing elements such as illustrations, text boxes, custom blends, personal brand assets, and more. You can also play with opacity, borders, shadows, and more.

Note: Because Reddit is discussion-driven, it’s important not to make the banner stand out. It has to happen to get everybody talking about it. Please keep it simple and smooth!

Step 3 – Download the new Reddit banner.

After creating your ideal banner, you can download it by clicking the «Download» button.

Pixelated allows you to download your banner in several formats, including JPG/JPEG and PNG. JPG is recommended as it is a well-supported format, and it loads more quickly.

However, in case the aesthetics is important to you, you want to compress images without loss. PNG is the road ahead. Since Reddit supports both formats, it’s yours if you go with quicker looks or features.

How do I download the Reddit banner? Summary

below is the step-by-step procedure for downloading a Reddit banner.

Below is the step-by-step procedure for downloading a Reddit banner.

  1. Get on the subreddit.
  2. Find the moderator tools on the sidebar.
  3. Select Subreddit Settings.
  4. Scroll down until you reach Look and Feel.
  5. Click Upload Header Image (the Choose File box may appear differently according to the browser you are using)
  6. Select the new picture file from your computer and click Complete or Download.

The download button will disappear when finished, and a message stating Download will appear on the screen. Update the page to view the new banner!


Regarding the addition of images, the biggest mistake people make is not following the instructions regarding the recommended size. What happens is that the platforms adjust the images according to their specifications, and the picture ends up being misaligned.

For this reason, it is essential always to follow the size recommendations when creating banner images. Moreover, with Pixelied, we can look after the design aspect. Doing so allows you to focus on other vital specifications.

Start designing your personalized pictures on Pixelied and see the difference a professional online design tool makes. Not only will your images resemble those of a professional. However, you can synchronize your design on all platforms. In the meantime, keep in mind important information like the perfect Reddit banner size.


What size pictures should Reddit have?

Which Reddit banner size is recommended? The ideal dimensions for a Reddit banner image are 1920 384 pixels (192px) for the size of the Large banner, with a 5:1 display ratio. 1920 256 pixel (128px) for the Medium banner, with a 7.5:1 aspect ratio.

How to size a Reddit banner?

The ideal size of the Reddit banner depends on the size of the banner you want to create and consists of the following elements:

  1. Small banners: 1920 128 pixels, 15:1 aspect ratio.
  2. Middle banners: 1920 256 pixels, rational appearance or 7.5:1.
  3. Large banners: 1920 384 pixels, 5:1 appearance ratio.

How should I calculate the aspect ratio?

  1. Make it your original size. In this case, it will be 1200 pixs.
  2. Get the original width.
  3. Divide height by width, for example 1200 / 1600 = 0.75.
  4. Multiply the quotient with the preferred width, for example, 0.75 * 300 = 225.
  5. The resultant figure is your new pixel pitch.